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What is OpenView HD?

OpenView HD brings you a wonderful new world of multichannel TV in digital quality without monthly fees.
You only pay once for equipment and installation. Once you're ready to go, it's absolutely free!
There are no monthly fees, no contracts, just a once-off purchase of OpenView HD decoder, dish and installation.
Openview HD is a new platform to bring HD channels to South Africans for free.

How do I get OpenView HD?

It's easy to get up and running with OpenView HD. Just follow these three simple steps:

PAY ONCE: Buy your OpenView HD equipment (decoder, dish with installation) from any leading retailer, independent installer and wholesale supplier.
INSTALL AND ACTIVATE: Call an installer (details included on the box) and activate.
ENJOY FOREVER: Sit back and enjoy the wonderful experience of multichannel satellite TV with no monthly fees or contracts.

Why Should I buy OpenView HD?

OpenView HD is South Africa's new satellite TV with over 10 new channels, including some in glorious HD. You get to keep the channels you love with coverage anywhere in South Africa, no contracts, no monthly fees. Get all of this, but only pay once and enjoy forever.
You'll have access to more channels, up to 8-days on screen programme guide (EPG), better pictures and improved stereo sound. And it's free, forever.
Wonderful isn't it!

Who can get OpenView HD signal/coverage?

OpenView HD is available to all South Africans. The OpenView HD Satellite service (received via satellite) covers 100% of South Africa.
OpenView HD channel offering caters for the whole family.

What channels are available on OpenView HD?

On OpenView HD, you'll get all your favourite free-to-air channels that you get currently, plus over 10 new channels, crystal clear digital quality pictures and sound, radio channels -and there will be more channels added.

Will there be ongoing charges?

No - this is the main difference between OpenView HD and pay television - there are no signup fees, no monthly fees and no contracts.
You buy the hardware, you get it installed and the service is free.
All you need is an OpenView HD Digital Decoder and a Satellite dish. Then, it's free forever!

Will I have to buy a new TV set?

No, you won't have to replace your current TV. If you have a standard definition TV, the OpenView HD Digital Decoder will convert the digital signal so you can see and hear all of OpenView HD's channels (both standard definition and HD) through your existing TV. If you have an HDTV set, you will be able to watch the HD channels in HD.

What if I already have a satellite dish?
If you already have a Top TV dish, you don't need to get a new dish. You will only need to buy an OpenView HD Digital Decoder which you can plug in and play. If you are struggling with this you can call the distributors' call centres.
If you have a DSTV dish - a registered OpenView HD installer can be allocated to reposition your dish.

What if I live in an apartment, complex or block of flats?

Multi-unit dwellings that are already receiving Top TV will be able to receive OpenView HD channels. OpenView HD distributors and installers will be able to assist further with advice and installations for first time installations.

What if I move house?

You can take your OpenView HD Digital Decoder with you. You may also choose to take the satellite dish with you or have a new one installed. You would require assistance from an OpenView HD installer.





User' s Manual FTA receivers - LG G11 Digital Satellite Receiver - Elsat RF71 - Deltech HD P1080 - Axis 360 FTA receiver - Thomson TSR600CI - WizTech 007 - Elsat OVHD - Strong SRT 4310DSD300-HD-S2 - PDF download

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What is equipment is required to watch  free to air satellite television and radio in South Africa?

Standard KU band ; You need a 80/90 cm dish, 10.6 GHZ LNB, and a free to air receiver. At the moment we offer a complete DIY kit  for less than ZAR 1500,00

What is Free-To-Air Satellite TV?

Free-To-Air satellite equipment is not plug-and-play. You absolutely need to have knowledge about setting up this equipment or know someone who does.

Do you offer technical support or will you teach us how to set up the FTA System?

Please understand that we are a reseller/wholesaler of all the products we sell. We expect that our customers already know how to install, setup and use the equipment we sell. The scope of our technical support for our products is limited to determining whether or not a product we sold may be defective. There are just too many variations of setup including types of dishes, LNB's, satellites, etc. We would be on the phone for hours just helping people get their dish pointed correctly.

Note: Please do not call the sales department asking technical questions. They can only help you with questions regarding your order.

OK, I bought this equipment, Now How Do I Set It Up?

If you are not familiar with setting up your dish, you will need to contact an installer to do it for you. While we do not provide these services, finding a dish installer locally is usually easy, depending on your location.

Where can I go to learn more about FTA Satellite reception?

There are many TRUE LEGAL FTA SATELLITE FORUM sites on the internet that have all of the information that you could ever need. Every question you can think of has already been answered in these forums. Most of these forums are free. We suggest you do a GOOGLE SEARCH for TRUE LEGAL FTA Satellite Forum Sites and do plenty of research BEFORE you make your purchase. Be sure to avoid web sites or forum sites that promote illegal signal piracy activities. We have zero tolerance against illegal signal piracy. Please read and understand our Terms & Condition prior making a purchase. FTA can be both exciting and rewarding, but it requires basic knowledge of satellite reception and setup.

FTA satellite system installation video: link

What size dish I need for the Free to air channels?

For the C-Band signal channels you will need a 3 meter dish. For KU-band channels you will need a 80 cm dish or larger.

How to point a satellite dish?

Visit to learn how to install or aim a satellite dish.